Jesus and humour

Over on David Lamb’s blog Is the God of the Old Testament….? he asks about his readers’ response to his use of gentle humour in a couple of recent posts. Some of his commenters are quite convinced Jesus is the answer, and that the answer is negative:

  1. One wrote: I don’t find any record of Jesus ever joking around as though humour is marketable as intrinsically virtuous. It’s part of the human condition, so when he says something plausibly funny to his original hearers it’s merely a pedagogical device like calling us to imagine a guy with a log protruding from his eye pointing at a guy with a speck in his eye.
  2. And another replied: If I understand your point correctly [name] I agree. I couldn’t imagine Jesus writing a blog entry on humour being good for the soul. Jesus never once addressed humour in the biblical record. In God’s word Jesus did address a vast array of topics that were good for the soul and others that were bad for the soul. Paul did admonish about foolish jesting though.

Let me get this straight… According to you guys: Jesus did not talk about humour because he basically disapproved of it. You admit he did say some hilarious things, but this use of humour was grudging and only because it was a useful teaching tool to get the attention of the unwashed masses.

Oh, boy! I’d better finish my series on humour in every book of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) quickly so I can start on the gospels, if views like this are at all common.

Before I do though, please guys tell me, if Jesus disapproved of humour, what do you make of the one about trying to force a camel through the eye of a needle? It would be good to get an answer to that one, because otherwise how can we justify our riches!?