2 + 2 = ?

A little slice of heaven (photo by Oriane Blandel)

I have just put two simple “facts” together. If both are correct then 97.5% of the readers of this blog are in for a severe disappointment.

The first “fact” is the claim by some interpreters (notably the Jehovah’s Witnesses) that there are, according to Rev 14:1ff., only 144,000 places in heaven.

The second “fact” is that the end is nigh, indeed has been scheduled since forever (though unknown to Jesus or the writers of the Bible, but revealed to some Camp guy through a simple mathematical calculation) for next Saturday. The same “authoritative” source informs us that the end will occur in an orderly manner (as befits an orderly and mathematically minded God) rather like the allocation of seats on an airplane by time zones.

Since the date is fixed, and the exact hour by timezones, and the number of places limited I suggest you all come to the real East. While a number of Pacific Islands have (not least by sneaky adjustments to the Dateline) possibly earlier claims the first major landmass (and therefore the last place on Earth where you can reasonably hope for a seat among the 144,000 elect) is NZ. And if Creator is sophisticated enough to work in minutes and seconds those in the Eastern parts of NZ may have an advantage.

Laurie Guy author of the straightforward and clear:

Guy, Laurie, Making sense of the book of Revelation. Macon, Ga: Smyth & Helwys, 2009.

will be visiting Tauranga that day, Tauranga is in the East of the North Island. Why not visit us on Saturday and increase your chances of a place in heaven!