Another most useful project

It is a long time since I have mentioned TanakhML, but it is one of the few online resources I use almost daily for reading the (Hebrew) Bible. The Interface is neat and attractive, it is fairly easy to browse the text, you can turn various elements like vowels and accents on or off, but best of all you can click the little button that says “accents” at the top right of the browse window and get a view of the verse you are at that shows instantly how the Masoretes read it, purase by phrase. For someone like me who has never really tried to master the accent system this is brilliant!

Open Morph Tagged Hebrew Bible?

Open Scriptures makes a really interesting announcement Morphological Hebrew Bible Version 1.0 if we had such a tool all sorts of interesting free and open source Bible projects become much more possible.

Sadly this looks more like version 0.1 than 1.0, as far as I can see there is as yet no actual morph tagging available :( But, and here the short announcement is frustratingly unclear. And not being a code junkie (despite my recent foray into mySQL database management) I can not make out if they even have yet a system to allow volunteers to make and discuss the coding. If they do what is needed are:

  • volunteers, people with good knowledge of Hebrew and a willingness to spend some time for a good cause but no kudos
  • checkers, people with an even better knowledge of Hebrew who will check and debate the determinations

I wonder if this might be a project people teaching Hebrew could give to their students as an assignment, to code a few verses, which the teacher then checks, marks, and then corrects. This is basically a task that Hebrew teachers regularly perform, moving it into the framework of such a project would make it more productive!