Free book :)

John Dyer’s book on technology and spirituality is available FREE today only for Amazon Kindles :)

Judging by his blog posts it will be a great read and a stimulating prompt for thought about what technology is doing to our lives. If I could get a Kindle in time this sort of free offer could prod me into buying one ;)

4 comments on “Free book :)

  1. mgvh

    Thanks for alerting me to this, Tim. I’m using it as a required text in a January term course. BTW, remember that you can get the Kindle software to read this book on a PC, Mac, Android, iStuff, etc….

  2. Frank Ritchie

    Thanks for the recommendation, Tim. I just got it. It will be interesting to see how I feel about my Kindle (a nice piece of technology) after I read it ;)

  3. tim

    Hehe! [Looking smugly virtuous.] I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle for PC software I don’t have a Kindle or tablet. [Yet, what I’m really waiting for, before serious covetousness sets in, is an Android tablet with a reflective screen like a Kindle. I can stay smugly virtuous only because the Fire does not have a reflective screen :( ]

  4. Frank Ritchie

    I hear ya. I like to justify the Kindle by saying that I travel a bit for work and having the Kindle enables me to only need carry on luggage so on some flights I can go for cheaper options. If I had to carry my bible, Common Prayer (which I use for my daily prayer rhythm) whatever commentary I’m using for the passage I’m currently focusing on and any fiction I might be reading then I would need the usual bag to check in. Because of not needing that extra bag, the Kindle has already paid for itself – not to mention I’ve managed to get plenty of classics for free or extremely cheap that I’ve wanted for ages and in our limited home space, being able to keep the book storage requirements down is really good. What I do feel bad about is how much the good old book store is suffering because of such changes – there’s a sense of community that such stores used to hold that is being lost because of this particular shift in technology… and because of the devaluing of education as a means of shaping humans rather than creating mere economic units which is what much of it has turned into. The focus on the latter removes the value of reading widely and deeply :(