Magical Manukau

Mysterious Manukau: Auckland's less beautiful harbour of an Autumn morning

After working for a while I went to get breakfast, on my way back I drew the blinds, a magical mysterious autumn morning across the Manukau harbour. I left my porridge (even though it is with delicious Goji and Cranberries, Almond and Honey again today) and took a photo. Autumn is such a nice season :)

The Manukau may be (as most people say) Auckland’s less beautiful harbour, certainly it lacks fancy yachts and ferry boats to island vinyards, but who can resist views like this.

Of course this harbour suffers from mud flats :(

Mud flats at low tide, in autumn

Here are some at low tide, so you can see them at their worst ;)

It’s enough to make an Atheist thankful, though who to I am noit quite clear even after listening to the podcast on ABC about the recent Atheist convention where apparently thankfulness was a recurring theme.

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