New website

The NZ Baptist Magazine has a new website. It looks good, and looks interesting. This is a good start. I have not played with it enough to see how easy it is to find something interesting (except that several of my articles are currently on display ;)

It lacks a search function, but readers here surely know they can google “[searchterm]” don’t you?

What do you think of the design? I’m hoping and praying people start toi use the comments feature – this alone to my mind makes it better than the paper edition, let alone being browsable on a phone :)

One comment on “New website

  1. Heather Roberts

    I like the look of it, and the way it has teasers of lots of articles on a page so you can scan a lot at once and click through to what interests you. However, there are a number of changes I’d like to see. I’d like a ‘recent articles’ tab. Also, the rss feed (another route to recent articles, presumably), got me a 404 not found error. Plus I agree, a search feature would be great – perhaps your readership is familiar with that method of searching, but most other people aren’t. I, for one, only learned of it through you :-) Most importantly, I’d appreciate a ‘contact us’ form so I could easily send them this feedback!