On a lighter note…

Photo by Paul Alsop (working ALOT lately)

If that last post seems rather grim, to remind me that there is another side to Scripture, Jeremy posted a link to my humour in the Bible podcasts. Jonah is, of course, a hoot :) and much of the story telling in the Hebrew Bible is garnished with smiles, but not only the Old Testament. Think of Jesus parables, hear them as a 1st century Galilean peasant might have heard them… The one about the two prayers – Luke 18:10-15 :) or the brother with some dust in his eye – Matt 7:4 :) or threading the camel – Mat 19:24 :)

Actually Jesus seems to have had a soft spot for horses designed by committees (so maybe it was a committee of one or three) see also Matt 23:24 ;)

No tell me honestly can you read one of those, imagining yourself as a 1st century Palestinian peasant without raising at least a smile (if you are a very genteel and tight-arsed peasant) or having a good laugh?