Song of songs: literal picture

Help please! Someone published a picture of one of the lovers from the Song of Songs if we imagined the imagery literally. If it was you, or if you can remember where it was please tell me! Google is no help this time :(

10 comments on “Song of songs: literal picture

  1. Bob MacDonald

    I don’t think I did any images recently – but Chagall has a lot of paintings on this subject. There should be some of those online – and I may have some – but looking for the song in my blogs is like looking for the hay stack in the needle

  2. Bob MacDonald

    also Google images on the song chagall will give lots of possibilities

  3. tim

    Bob, thanks :) though what I was looking for was a grotesque version that took the verbal imagery literally, and had her with hair like a flock of goats etc… to illustrate how verbal imagery works differently from the plastic arts.

  4. Jesus Saves

    My Greek prof gave me a picture like you are describing 20 years ago (in class). I still have it somewhere. I am not sure what the copyright is on something like that

  5. tim

    Thanks, that was just what I was looking for. I’ll be able to use it next time I preach on the song :)

  6. Bob MacDonald

    Hilarious – I will bring it to bible study tomorrow!

  7. tim

    Yes, it’s a nice powerful reminder that you cannot take ALL the Bible literally, you have to think about intended meaning, and I think the Song also shows us that we have to look at how the church and synagogue actually understood the text also!

  8. Andrea Candy

    Hilariously yuk!