Starting tertiary study at Auckland?

Photo by Wesley Fryer

The stats suggest readers of Sansblogue mainly don’t live in Auckland and are more likely to have children (or even grandchildren) of an age to start tertiary study than to be in this position themselves. However, in case you (or someone you know) IS starting tertiary study in Auckland this year do attend (or suggest they attend) the afternoon Scripture Union and TSCF are organising at the University of Auckland this Saturday. It’s geared to new students heading off to universities and other tertiary institutions “who want to think about their faith in this new context.” It also offers tips on study skills and surviving in the new environment. So a great chance to increase your chances of successful study.

When: 05 February 12:00 – 16:30

Location: OGGB5, Owen G. Glenn Building, University of Auckland (12 Grafton Road)

Details here: Transitions Brochure

HT: Greenflame