Two in the top twenty (so it is prophesied)

Annibale Carracci “The Stoning of St Stephen” from Wikimedia

Peter Kirby has posted an audacious prophesy of the top biblioblogs by traffic in six month’s time (Top 50 Biblioblogs: Spring 2014 Report). I have two reasons for hoping that this is accurate, first both Sansblogue and 5 minute Bible made the top 20 (just) but even more because if it proves false I am sure some “take the Bible literally” types will be organising a stoning. I would hate for the gentle Peter to become the first martyr of Biblioblogaria!

3 comments on “Two in the top twenty (so it is prophesied)

  1. Peter Kirby

    I just worry what will happen if Jim West is ever dislodged from his #1 spot. :)

    1. tim

      As long as the supply of human depravity lasts I suspect you are safe on that score ;)

  2. Bob MacDonald

    Good luck Tim! Alexa rises and falls, …