Well, that WAS nice! Adobe installs rogue software :(

Adobe as rogue software installer

I allowed the Adobe Flash player to update. Without asking Adobe also installed something called “McAfee Security Scan Plus”. I already have virus protection. Unless someone convinces me I need different protection I do not want more, slowing my machine and “doing things” in the background.

How come there is no campaign I can join to persuade software manufacturers to ask politely if they want to install “extra” programs? Personally I think the time is near when I will uninstall Flash. It is used more often for rubbish than anything else now, having once been (almost) the only way to have a graphically rich interactive web…

What do you think?

3 comments on “Well, that WAS nice! Adobe installs rogue software :(

  1. Chris Heard

    Every time I install an Adobe update on a Windows machine, the first screen includes a checkbox to install McAfee Security Scan Plus. I always uncheck it. McAfee Security Scan Plus is not really virus protection; it just scans the system for possible dangers, then prompts you to buy McAfee virus protection software.

  2. rome

    There are checkox in front of the McAfee Application. If you don’t want it you can uncheck it.

    1. tim

      Yes, I found that in the end, and am now free. I think having to UNcheck in order to avoid having something I did not ask for installed is wrong! It breaks the implicit contract between me and them whereby I trust them not to make changes beyond the ones I am signing up for.